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An expansion joint, also known as a movement joint, is an assembly created to securely hold parts together while safely absorbing vibration, temperature-induced expansion, and contraction of building materials, or to permit movement due to ground settlement or seismic activity. In layman’s terms, an expansion joint is a mid-structure separation intended to relieve stress on building materials brought on by building movement.

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expansion joint

The expansion joint that joins two substantial parts aids the structure’s ability to withstand earthquakes. Expansion joints divide long concrete slabs into several sections, preventing earthquake vibration from spreading to other building components. Due to expansion joints, the structure behaves as two or more separate structures during an earthquake. Expansion joints in buildings are commonly seen in a variety of structures, including ships, piping networks, sidewalks, and railroad tracks.

Things to remember

Expansion joints are positioned where a slab meets a building, another slab, or a pool deck meets the coping.

The joint cuts through every building assembly, including walls, decks, plazas or split-slab concourses, foundation floors and walls, roofs, planters, and green roofs, fire-rated demising walls and floors, interior floors, etc., because it bisects the entire structure.

This space must be filled to restore the waterproofing, fireproofing, soundproofing, air barrier, roof membrane, trafficable surface, and other functions of the building elements it segregates.

  • The location of expansion joints in a building is also impacted by the irregularities of the structure, including its mass, plan, stiffness, etc.
  • When a building’s length is longer than 45 meters, concrete expansion joints must be used, possibly more than one.
  • Floor-to-floor
  • Floor-to-wall
  • Wall-to-wall
  • Ceiling-to-ceiling
  • Ceiling-to-wall
  • Roof-to-roof
  • Roof-to-wall
  • Joints are generally
  • not required on-grade floors
  • Systems may or may not be waterproof
  • bridge
  • building

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