Pvd design steel furniture

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PVD coatings on steel are deposited on steel to enhance performance, and indeed PVD designed steel furniture shows generally good performance under sliding contact conditions.

We provided PVD-coated furniture that is available in different finishes and colors like Champagne, gold, rose gold, bronze, and black.


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unique and durable option


Pvd design steel furniture

PVD Physical Vapor Deposition is a coating technology to deposit a thin film on many different kinds of base materials. During the process, inside the vacuum atmosphere. Due to kinetic energy and a potential difference, icons move on the product's surface where they condense creating the desired coating.PVD coating is particularly recommended for all those innovative high-quality products which require excellent chemical and technical features (hardness, resistance to abrasion, scratches, and corrosion ) and at the same time offers a wide choice of PVD chromatic colors.

PVD Design steel Furniture is well used in the architectural and industrial design industry.

Physical vapor deposition (PVD) is a vaporization coating technique, involving the transfer of material on an atomic level under vacuum conditions.

Even small artifacts or showpieces can be with PVD Design Steel Furniture if you wish them to turn to some particular shade that matches your interiors. Moreover, this coating will make the piece more durable.

  • The process is environmentally friendly compared to many other processes such as electroplating.
  • All types of inorganic materials and some types of organic materials can be used;
  • Unique and durable option
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Public Spaces.

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