Welcome to Real Ferro Project Pvt Ltd

Welcome to Real Ferro Project Pvt Ltd

Welcome to Real Ferro Project Pvt Ltd. Real Ferro Project Pvt Ltd was founded in the year 2005.

Real Ferro Project Pvt Ltd has earned global recognition for manufacturing and exporting Steel Products, Industrial Products, Interior and Exterior Projects, Arts, and Sculptures.

We are a leading manufacturer of Stainless Steel Products, including Railings Turnkey Projects, SS Benches, SS Dustbins, SS Bicycle Stands, SS Bollards, SS Bus Shelters, SS Design Steel Furniture, and SS Safety Doors and Frames.

We specialize in Industrial Projects such as Gratings, Turnkey Projects, Expansion Joints, Custom Fabrication, SS Corner Guards.

Additionally, our Interior Projects encompass SS Planters, Residential Railings, SS Cladding, PVD Design Furniture, Metal Wall Art, Water Jet Steel Designs.

Our expertise extends to Exterior Projects like SS Cladding, SS Railings, Facades, Canopies, SS Benches, Pergolas, SS Swings, as well as Arts and Sculptures like SS Sculptures, PVD Design Steel Furniture, SS Signage, and Wall Dividers.

Our company nurtures a strong quality culture that permeates every division, from the office to the dock. We implement quality management systems utilizing powerful tools to ensure excellence in product quality and client satisfaction.

Our dedicated and skilled team consistently strives to elevate product quality, creating items that surpass contemporary standards.

For more details about our product catalog, feel free to reach out to us through the provided contact details:

Contact Number: 9898476108


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Real Ferro-Projects Private Limited has rapidly gained the title of being one of India’s most trusted Turnkey Project contractors in India, with our own manufacturing plants and a large team of engineers and laborers.